Over 100 catalytic converters found in police raid of suburban chop shop

Glenwood Police Department
Over 100 catalytic converters were recovered following a police raid of a chop shop in south suburban Glenwood. Photo credit Glenwood Police Department

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Glenwood police said they found more than 100 catalytic converters at a home that was being used as a chop shop.

The headline on the press release reads: “Catalytic converter chop shop operation busted!”

Glenwood police said its patrol and investigation divisions disrupted an auto and catalytic converter theft operation at a private residence on the 200 block of Rose Street.

Seized property/contraband included 128 stolen catalytic converters, valued at approximately $54,000; one stolen and stripped Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT; several reciprocating saws; one loaded, 45-caliber handgun; and magazines.

Glenwood Police Department
Money recovered by police from the chop shop. Photo credit Glenwood Police Department

The department said illicit funds were also seized and added that identity theft had been used to rent the property.

No word about arrests.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Glenwood Police Department