Sheriff's office holds light-repair clinic for motorists

tail light
Tail light Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Drivers in the south suburbs, who couldn't afford to repair broken headlights, tail lights or turn signals on their vehicles, got a chance to get them fixed for free by the Cook County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Tom Dart said the idea was to reduce the number of drivers pulled over for burned-out lights.

He says that frees up officers for other duties and reduces the chances of encounters that could escalate into something more serious.

Leticia Johnson is the administrator of Bloom Township. She said the effort also helps prevent drivers who couldn't afford to fix their vehicle lights from winding up in an even more serious financial spiral.

About two dozen drivers showed up for the free vehicle light repair clinic earlier this week at the Ford Heights Municipal Center.

The sheriff's office is considering hosting more of them.