Swimming pool supply chain dries up

Swimming pool Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — For swimming pool owners or people who are in the market, this could be a trying summer.

“The primary shortage that everyone is freaking out about right now is the chlorine shortage,” Jim Eiler, vice-president of Aqua Pools in Orland Park, said.

There was a fire in a Louisiana plant that makes chlorine, and the factory is still not back online.

There was also the recent deep freeze in Texas, where chemicals are produced to make PVC piping and fiberglass used in the pool industry, notes Dan Lenz, vice-president of All Seasons Pools.

The equipment shortage is so tough he’s told his crews to try to salvage anything they can when they are replacing product.

“We’ve got a graveyard, if you will, of that stuff because, inevitably, there might be a piece on it that will help somebody this year,” Lenz said.

For those looking to have an in-ground pool installed this summer, you’re likely out of luck unless plans are already in the works.

“We actually sold out of in-ground pools,” Ruben Morales, project manager for Cancun Pools in Mokena, said.

The pool companies also say it’s hard to get a hold of above-ground pools.

Lenz advises customers to buy their full season’s chlorine supplies as soon as they can.