Take care with pets during cold snap, vet says

Cat and dog in winter weather Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A Chicago veterinarian says he's worried about the safety of dogs and cats that are left outside too long during the bitterly cold weather we're getting over the next few days.

Dr. Keith True of the Old Town Animal Care Center says most dogs need to get outside, even when it's cold, but it's important to keep it as short as possible.

He suggests letting your dog out more frequently or going on shorter, more frequent walks. He also says after walks, check their paws for chunks of salt or ice.

Meantime, indoor cats should not be let outside at all during bitterly cold weather, in part because it can be difficult to get them back inside quickly, True said.

For outdoor cats, he recommends giving them some kind of shelter as well as making sure their water and food don't freeze.