What's the best Thanksgiving side dish? The winner is…

A discussion that makes it to every Thanksgiving dinner table - what is the best side dish? Is sweet potato casserole the greatest thing ever invented? Or is stuffing the side dish to beat? You settle the score by voting in WBBM's Food Fight: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Side Dish Bracket.

Let your voice be heard below.

The bracket will run from Monday, Nov. 13, and our winners will be announced on Wednesday, Nov. 22. The first round will be Nov. 13 through 14, pitting all 16 contestants against each other. Round 2 will run Nov. 15 through 16. Round 3 with our final four side dishes will be Nov. 17 through 18. And the final pair will face-off from Nov. 19 through 21.

In an intense showdown, Mashed Potatoes took home the big prize, winning against Stuffing 95 votes to 90. Until next year, Stuffing.

To determine our bracket ranking, WBBM's Digital Producer Mike Tish, Podcast Producer Arielle Raveney and Production Coordinator Chris Lopez had a heated food conversation. The throwdown was real!

In Round 1, Stuffing crushed Glazed Carrots by 67 votes. It was a close call with Gravy beating Rolls by only 2 votes! Green Bean Casserole took the cake against Candied Yams by 21 votes. Sweet Potato Casserole beat out Roasted Squash by 42 votes. Mashed Potatoes smothered Creamed Corn by 87 votes! Cranberry Sauce won against Brussels Sprouts 28 votes. Broccoli Casserole lost to Mac and Cheese by 48 votes. And finally, Collard Greens lost to Corn Bread by 73 votes.

In Round 2, Stuffing once again beat out its competitor; this time it was Gravy that would fall by 20 votes. In the casserole showdown, Green Beans just barely pushed ahead of Sweet Potato by 6 votes. Mashed Potatoes creamed Cranberry Sauce with 44 votes to 9. And Mac and Cheese won against Corn Bread by 31 votes.

In Round 3, Stuffing beat Green Bean Casserole by 14 votes. And Mashed Potatoes beat Mac and Cheese by a whopping 24 votes! Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes moved on to the final round.

In Round 4, Mashed Potatoes won the bracket by 5 votes, 95 to 90, against Stuffing.

Fill out your own bracket by printing out this image below.

Thanksgiving bracket
Photo credit WBBM Newsradio

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