One-woman show ‘Who’s Holiday!’ offers mature twist on Dr. Seuss Christmas Classic

One-woman show ‘Who’s Holiday’ offers adults-only twist on Dr. Seuss Christmas Classic
Photo credit "Who's Holiday!"

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A children's Christmas favorite is now on a Chicago stage but you might want to leave the kids at home.

"Who's Holiday!" is playing through Dec. 26. at Chicago's Theater Wit at 1229 West Belmont Ave.

It's the very funny story of a 40-something Cindy Lou Who who's now living in a trailer, guzzling booze, smoking cigarettes and dropping a few four-letter words. The story is inspired by her Christmas Eve encounter with the Grinch from the Dr. Seuss children's classic "How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Veronica Garza plays Cindy Lou Who in this one-woman show and she told WBBM Newsradio that her version of Cindy Lou is "is just a little bit older and a little bit more drunk!"

"She is now more grouchy than she was as a kid," Garza said before a recent rehearsal. "She's a little Grinchy. Though she fights it.”

Director Christopher Pazdernik said, "it's safe to say her life has been a roller-coaster since that Christmas feast. She's had some ups and some downs and then some more downs. But I think she's on the upswing when you see her in the play."

Garza said other Dr. Seuss favorites are not spared either.

"We have attached a point of view for Cindy. She feels differently for each Seuss character, some of them are not her favorite, and that's my favorite to create, because it's like, oh she does not like Yertle The Turtle!" she said.

But it's all in good fun.

"I think it is a great show to come to with your friends, have a cocktail or two before you come over. Sit in the front so I can heckle you and then we'll be friends and we'll hang out after,” she said.