Delta wants airlines to share 'no fly' list of banned passengers

Delta Air Lines is calling for a national no-fly list for unruly passengers.
Delta Air Lines is calling for a national no-fly list for unruly passengers. Photo credit Getty Images

To prevent unruly behavior on flights, Delta is requesting that airlines come together to create a national no-fly list.

Throughout the pandemic, flight crews have been dealing with a barrage of disorderly passengers as airlines buckle down on COVID-19 safety regulations.

"Every single day we see new horrific videos of people getting in fights on airplanes, in the airport, not obeying common sense instructions from flight attendants, so clearly more needs to be done," Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights told KCBS Radio.

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Airline calls for national no-fly list among unruly pandemic passengers
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After an almost constant track record of misconduct, Delta Air Lines has put its foot down, moving now to ban these passengers from future flights.

"Delta has a running list of 1,600 people who have either been violating the mask ordinance or have been unruly," Keyes said. However, officials are concerned that even if they ban the misbehaving passengers, they will find a flight on another airline. To remedy this, Delta is proposing that airlines share their no-fly lists with each other to create an industry-wide list, ultimately increasing the safety of travelers and staff.

The question officials now have to consider is if the passengers will be permanently banned or if the no-fly list will be a temporary penalty.