Dispensary offers cannabis-infused Thanksgiving sides and desserts for ‘Danksgiving’

Dinner setup with marijuana leaves, knife and fork.
Dinner setup with marijuana leaves, knife and fork. Photo credit Getty Images

The Mint Cannabis dispensary in Tempe, Arizona, is looking to help keep the holidays relaxed this year, offering several classic Thanksgiving dishes infused with cannabis. Meet Danksgiving.

This week, through the holiday weekend, the dispensary will be open for a total of 135 hours as it looks to serve customers at its different locations, AZMarijuna reported.

The cannabis-infused Thanksgiving side dishes contain 100 mg each. Available for sale include 16 oz. serving of gravy, 16 oz. cranberry sauce, 4 oz. serving of garlic herb butter, and an 8-by-8-inch cornbread.

The sides won’t run your pockets dry as some traditional dishes will, but they do cost $15 per serving.

Sadly, the deals have come to an end, as orders had to be in by Tuesday, Nov. 22. But, the offer continues to show the versatility of THC and cannabis-infused items, especially around the holidays.

Still available at the dispensary are cannabis-infused pumpkin and pecan pies, selling for $15 each and made available at all Mint locations in Arizona. Orders must be made ahead of time.

After Thanksgiving, the dispensary will be offering several items on Black Friday, including a cannabis-infused coffee.

While a decade ago, the idea of getting high at Thanksgiving might be inconceivable for most, a new trend called “Danksgiving” has made it a holiday for celebrating friends, family, and weed.

According to a report from The New York Times, it is not clear how many Americans celebrate with a Danksgiving dinner, which often includes cannabis-infused dishes, but it is on the rise.

The trend has been growing for at least the last half decade, as in 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ran a social media campaign that followed the hashtag “DitchDanksgiving.” The effort was to reduce the number of people driving while impaired.

Even still, a study by Ayr Wellness found that cannabis spending for Thanksgiving is on the rise, and the use of the substance on Thanksgiving has become increasingly popular, with many calling the day before Green Wednesday.

The popularity has grown so much that dispensaries now prepare for massive sales on the weed holiday. Lizzy Tombler, the vice president of business intelligence for Holistic Industries, shared with YahooNews that the day is big for cannabis sales.

"Typically, Green Wednesday brings a 50% increase in the number of transactions at a dispensary compared to an average day of the year," Tombler said.

The survey found this to be true, as 90% of respondents said they plan to spend as much, or more, this year on cannabis than they have for past Thanksgivings. It also found that 32% who plan to make those purchases on Green Wednesday will spend more than $100.

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