McDonald's ready to launch a slew of new locations, and here's where they'll be

Hamburger and fries
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For the past eight years, the footprint of one of America’s best-known fast food franchises has been shrinking. But in 2023, the home of the “golden arches” will begin to expand its reach once more.

McDonald’s last opened more locations than it closed in 2014, and while there are still over 13,000 places in the U.S. to get a Big Macs, Quarter Pounders and Happy Meals, the hamburger giant was still experiencing a decline.

But on Tuesday, McDonald’s announced a reversal in its recent business model, stating its intention to open 1,900 new locations worldwide. 400 of those will be in America.

An embrace of technology and modern desires for convenience seems to have changed the burger joint’s fortunes: Digital ordering and delivery are expected to factor heavily in the new restaurant plans.

And with good reason – the McDonald’s app was downloaded 40 million times last year. That totals more than the next three fast-food restaurant apps combined.

Now can we talk about giving the McRib a stay of execution?

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