Parents call out school photography companies for editing their kids' photos

Child getting his photo taken for school.
Child getting his photo taken for school. Photo credit GettyImages

The photography company Lifetouch is under fire after a Maryland mother opened her daughter's school photos seeing the company urged parents to pay an extra $12 for portrait "retouching" services.

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The retouching services included teeth whitening, skin-tone evening, and blemish removal, something that upset Jennifer Greene, who didn't want her daughter to feel pressured into looking picture-perfect.

Greene shared her experiences with the New York Post, and she told them that when she opened the package, she "was shocked."

Green said that she does not in any way agree with retouching the photos of a child, adding that teaching kids they need to look perfect all the time is wrong.

Another mother, Kristen Loe, took to Twitter earlier this month outraged by Lifetouch removing her child's freckles in their school photos.