Huge pantry is full of fast food that won’t rot [VIDEO]

Fast food on a table
Photo credit Getty Images

Have you ever been a little creeped out to find a surprisingly well-preserved French fry underneath your car seat, even though you were sure it had been months since your last trip through the drive through?

This phenomenon may be more common than you think.

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A U.K.-based nutritionist has created a museum of seemingly undead fast food treats, from French fries and pizza slices and hamburgers and fried chicken, according to the New York Post. TikTok users got a peek into the collection through video posted by the nutritionist’s daughter Elif Kandemir, said the outlet.

As of Monday, the video already had more than 3.3 million views. It shows pantry drawers are filled with food that looks like it could have been recently picked up. However, Kandemir said most of the items are one to two years old.

“My mum is a nutritionist helping to tackle obesity,” said text accompanying the video. “These foods shown here are ultra-processed foods that 80% of the U.K. consume on a regular basis.”

According to a 2020 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 36 percent of children in the U.S. consumed fast food on a given day. A 2018 report showed that around the same percentage of adults consumed fast food on a given day.

Kandemir’s mother is not the only person who has sought to document the strange, ageless quality of fast foods.

Chiropractor Jaqueline Vaughn of Waterford, Mich., had kept up a display of rot-free Taco Bell and McDonald’s foods in her office for around two years when Business Insider caught up with her in 2015. The outlet also reported in 2013 that a Utah man claimed to