Don't delay that next doctor's appointment

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) – Doctors are hoping their patients will not delay scheduling an appointment for any of their medical issues as the fall approaches and concerns linger about a second wave of coronavirus coupled with the common cold and flu.

Dr. John Notaro, Medical Director at Buffalo Medical Group, also believes there should be urgency for people to get their appointments scheduled because several patients deferred their needs in the early stages of the pandemic and have not been the doctor’s since.  

At Buffalo Medical Group, the virtual experience even helped with some of their specialized units. Notaro said one of their patients received virtual coaching on the passing of a kidney stone and avoided a visit to the emergency room in the process.

“Most of the experts around the country think that we should be preparing ourselves for a second wave sometime in the fall,” Notaro said. “I think that’s certainly a good possibility. We’ll be more prepared for it since we’ve developed a tele-health infrastructure. We’ll be more prepared to continue delivering important services to patients, even in the face of (a second wave).”

If there is a second wave, Bisson hopes that shutdowns are not as aggressive as they were in March. At that time, they saw only half their patients in person and assisted the other half either virtually or over the phone. The first wave shut down many elective surgeries that Bisson said, if done, would have prevented other health problems from developing.

“Think about it like your automobile,” Bisson said. “If it’s totaled, obviously it’s un-drivable and you have to do something about it immediately. If you get a flat tire, you can still drive your car but the wheel may break quickly. If you don’t get your oil changed, you don’t have to change it right that minute but if you don’t change your oil, eventually your engine is going to break down. We see that in musculoskeletal medicine in terms of surgeries that are between optional…versus immediately life and limb threatening.”