WBT's Pat McCrory featured in Talkers Magazine

Pat McCrory
"Been There, Done That... Now This!" The current headline by Talkers Magazine is a great way to describe Pat McCrory's journey. After spending decades as a public servant, the former North Carolina Governor-turned-radio host sees his time in the studio of Charlotte's heritage station as a new way to serve the people of the Queen City.McCrory's enthusiastic energy and wisdom leaves listeners feeling a greater connection to him. Which is also a perfect reason why stepping into the world of broadcasting made sense for the Governor. He recently sat down for a candid interview with famed entertainment host Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers Magazine. The two discussed McCrory's transition from politics to radio, along with Pat's unapologetic style, heard on WBT weekday mornings from 8-10 a.m. ET. "One of my weaknesses as a politician was I wasn't guarded enough. A horrible poker player. So, you know exactly where I stand on certain things," McCrory shared in the interview. "I'm not good at hiding exactly my opinion, or my reactions, or my emotions and I probably carry that over to radio. But, I've also made sure that we keep the show respectful." The transition out of public office and into the mainstream media hasn't typically been a success for those who've tried. Former politicians don't often make the cut when it comes to "driving the needle" in radio. However, McCrory is an exception to the rule. A short three years removed from office and McCrory, along with co-host Bo Thompson, took the title as Charlotte's top-rated morning radio show-- a feat difficult enough for veteran broadcasters, let alone a longtime political figure. The secret to McCrory's success on WBT is simple: "Not taking things too seriously." When he was first asked to become part of one of the nation's most storied commercial radio stations, McCrory's response to WBT general manager Matt Hanlon couldn't have been scripted better.  "Yeah, I'll do five minutes. But, I'm going to do it from bed." Very reluctant to give more, McCrory eventually gave in by agreeing to host for an hour in the studio. The 60 minutes of fun mixed with current events led to the two-hour format which is enjoyed by the masses in the Carolinas today. 
Here's the entire interview between Harrison and McCrory via Talkers.com.