Best of Small Business Spotlight: Barbara Corcoran Told Her 'Shark Tank' Companies To Reinvent To Survive

Written by Neil A. Carousso

NEW YORK(WCBS 880) — Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran says 80 percent of the businesses she has invested in on "Shark Tank" will not survive the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

 "The minute this problem started, I said, 'Sit down and make a list of where every piece of your business comes from, and then, make, right next to it, a list of how you can replace it cause it ain't going to be there anymore,'" Corcoran told Joe Connolly and Neil A. Carousso of her conversations with the owners of the roughly 80 businesses she bought stake in on the hit ABC reality television program.

 Corcoran said on the WCBS Small Business Spotlight, sponsored by BNB Bank, that only a few owners took her seriously when she told them to incorporate a tight team of workers into making decisions on reinventing themselves. Those that did "hit the floor running."

 She said business owners who are persistent and tenacious in their approach are the "warriors" who will survive the recession. She also emphasized communication with customers while working to actively sell current and new products and services.

 "I've never seen a new business survive if it's not led by a salesman," Corcoran said, adding, "If you can't sell your way out of a pickle, you don't have a chance."

 She said if an entrepreneur can demonstrate he or she is a master of selling themselves and their business on "Shark Tank," she'll "buy anything."

 But, Barbara explained that getting on the show is not a true test of success even though it's an arduous vetting process.

 "When I'm in business with someone three months, maybe four months the most, it's when the crap hits the fan, what do they do about it? The minute they start blaming somebody else, I know they're a victim, they're never going to make it," she said.

 On the flip side, Corcoran told Connolly and Carousso that those owners who take responsibility and actively look for solutions, are the successful business leaders with whom she is making profits.

 She also told WCBS 880 that the model for a successful entrepreneur is their track record as a person. Overcoming failure and obstacles in life is an indication to Corcoran that she should invest in the person's business.

 "When I can spot somebody who's been injured with something to prove, they get a burn in their chest that's going to make them succeed if they're hard workers,” she remarked. “Iȁ