Gov. Lamont welcomes Afghan refugees in Connecticut

CT Gov. Ned Lamont
CT Gov. Ned Lamont Photo credit John Moore/Getty Images

Hartford, C.T. (WCBS 880) — Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said Wednesday he will be welcoming Afghan refugees with open arms to his state.

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The White House will soon ask Lamont to accept as many as 310 Afghans, according to the governor, as the nation works to resettle those seeking asylum in the U.S. following end of the nation’s 20-year conflict in Afghanistan.

“I welcome these individuals with open arms into our wonderful state,” Lamont said in a statement.

“It is our obligation and our duty to ensure these Afghan refugees feel welcome in our state, and we will work to ensure they have everything they need from food and shelter to education and job training,” he added.

Lamont said he is directing the state’s Department of Social Services to ensure resources are available and ready to support the men, women and children moving to the state.

He also assured that the Department of Homeland Security has “vetted” the refugees and ensured they have received all necessary vaccinations, including against COVID-19.

“These evacuees are our allies and have supported our country for years, and it is our turn to return the favor,” Lamont went on. “Connecticut has a legacy of being there for those in need, and we are proud to answer the call.”