Tips on landing that new job in post-pandemic environment

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — There's no time like right now to find that new job.

Media headhunter Rob Barnett is out with a new book offering tips for getting that new and best job.

He spoke to WCBS 880 anchor Michael Wallace about the release of “Next Job, Best Job."

The onetime media executive-turned-headhunter delivers actionable steps job seekers can take to help land that new job fast — even (and especially) in the current post-pandemic environment.

“We’re in the great reassessment right now on both sides of the hiring table,” Barnett said.

With companies starting to bring people back, and those stuck out of work looking for the best opportunities, the job market is picking up, says Barnett, and it is extremely competitive now.

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Barnett says job seekers need to exude a level of confidence and persistence to help set them apart from the large population of job seekers out there today.

“This has been a really, really hard time for people on so many levels that it's essential to start to put the survival steps that you need to get your head screwed on straight," he said.

One bit of advice that Barnett suggests in his book is for job seekers to “choose a north star” and clearly communicate your career goals.

Barnett says being focused on a single job or position is much more valuable to a company seeking help than offering up yourself as a utility player who can fill different positions.

“Companies only want to see the one focused job title that they need to fill at that exact moment," Barnett says, adding candidates need to define themselves to fill that opening.

And as you might expect, Barnett says job seekers need to have a smart social media strategy to position themselves as thought leaders — “stop all the personal posts” and “start honing a very focused professional brand” to get yourself noticed.

Barnett, a one time President of Programming at CBS Radio, loves his new career as a headhunter. He calls the work “missionary” especially as we are climbing out of the pandemic. He says he himself was stuck in his career, viewed by some to be “overqualified” and found that “helping other folks was the best job that I could possibly do."

Barnett is also helping people in need on the hunger and poverty front. He is on the board of the organization WHYHunger.