WATCH: Jonathan Villar home run ball destroys Reds fan's cell phone


Pro tip: it’s one thing to try to catch a ball in the stands while holding a beer or a hot dog…but as expensive as those items may be at the ballpark, using your phone is sure to end in disaster and lighten your wallet.

So learned one poor Cincinnati Reds fan Wednesday afternoon, who, as Gary Cohen bluntly put it, “will need to head to the Verizon store tomorrow” after trying to catch Jonathan Villar’s homer and ending up with a broken device:

Not sure if Verizon, or Apple, or whoever the carrier/manufacturer is, covers “failed souvenir grab” as an insurance claim, but hey, at least Gary and Ron Darling, and SNY’s social media team, had some fun with it:

The review ruled it was indeed a home run to give the Mets a 1-0 lead in the second inning, and further review revealed that indeed, there’s no rice in the world that can help bring that poor phone back to life.

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