Business is booming at Black-owned Chx for longtime friends who took a risk


Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic may not seem like a great idea,  but that's just what three African American men are doing in South Minneapolis.

Shawn Edwards, Frederick Huballa and Marques Johnson have been friends for a long time. They actually decided years ago to go into business together and open a restaurant, and just recently it happened.

"We were literally set to open the week that George Floyd was killed," said Frederick Huballa, one of the owners. They pushed back the opening out of respect.   "It deeply impacts us, not only as African American men but as business owners in South Minneapolis."

The restaurant is called Chx, and it's located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.  

"We struck a deal, to use some under -used kitchen space inside Pourhouse on Lagoon," Huballa said. 

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It's about the size of a traditional food truck, and there's a window where customers come up, and order chicken tenders, french fries and honey buttermilk biscuits.

Business is booming.

"We've had lines down the block," said Shawn Edwards. "People like the idea of coming up to the window.  They like being able to get it from get it right from the kitchen."

They are grateful to the owners of the Pour House for use of the space, and now hope to be an inspiration to some of their customers, some of whom are young black men.

"When we see impressionable men who remind us of ourselves, we remind them that this could be them," He said.

​They are open Thursday through Sunday from 4 in the afternoon until close, with a lot of customers showing up at bar close.