Dr. Osterholm fears pandemic fatigue setting in


University of Minnesota Infectious Disease Director Doctor Michael Osterholm is concerned about the coming months, for a number of reasons

Pandemic fatigue is among the many concerns on Doctor Osterholm's mind.

He told News Talk 830 WCCO's Dave Lee, back in April, there were 32 thousand cases a day in the United States... 

"With New York on fire, we thought oh this is the worst it's going to get," said Dr. Osterholm.

After that, a lot of work was done to bring that number down and in May he says it was down to 22 thousand cases a day. Then Memorial Day arrived.

"We all know what happened then. We all got pandemic fatigue. We came back out into public places, summer was here and we saw an explosion and saw 65 thousand cases a day," he said.

We are now at about 50 thousand cases a day, and Osterholm says people seem to have gotten complacent.

"But I am certain that when colleges, universities and high schools reopen, after Labor Day we are going to see an explosion."

He fears that when we get into the indoor heating season, along with the introduction of the seasonal influenza season, it will become even worse.

"I don't want to say people have thrown in the towel, but it is starting to look that way," he said.

The key again he said, is keeping that six-foot distance between you and another person.