Former NBA player Stephen Jackson reacts to death of his "twin" George Floyd

Stephen Jackson
Photo credit © Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Former NBA player and current ESPN basketball commentator Stephen Jackson took to social media to remember the man he called his "twin", George Floyd. Jackson does use very explicit words in his posts. 

Twin. I promise I won’t let this BS ride. Already talked to @shaunking. Anybody from Houston/ Cuney Homes u know this was my brother. Can’t let this ride. All hands on deck. Rest Easy Twin. #3rd #MinnesotaRacistAssCops

A post shared by Stephen Jackson Sr. (@_stak5_) on May 26, 2020 at 9:03am PDT

Shit hurt twin. Looking Good in the suit I sent u going to work and doing what u was supposed to. Dam Twin I can only imagine what Lamont going through behind them walls. Man man man. #MinnesotaRacistAssCops

A post shared by Stephen Jackson Sr. (@_stak5_) on May 26, 2020 at 9:10am PDT

I ain’t going back and forward with no body. Judges give the death penalty to people who take lives right. Why cops who take lives don’t get the death penalty. I guess it’s cool to play God only when it’s benefiting this crooked system. U kill us for nothing u need to die too. Let your family feel the pain u caused with your hate. Rest Easy Twin I promise I ain’t letting this ride. The truth they don’t wanna hear.

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All u wanted to do was stay fly and be great. This pic tore me down. Called me with pics of the outfits laid across the bed showing how he was gonna kill them with the clothes I sent him. Boxes in the background ------. It meant the world to him but meant the world to me how he wanted the world to know that we called each other twin. Nobody was more proud of my growth and my fatherhood more than #BigFloydDaGod. We will get justice. They will be writing a big check for your kids on behalf of Minnesota Police Dept. and u can bet dat Jack. Rest Easy Twin u wasn’t suppose to make it through the life u had change for the better then go out like this. Fuk dat.

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These days the only crime U get killed for is Being Black. Rest Easy Twin. Starting tight end 92. Made it to state championship. Bruh wasn’t no bum. Had hoop game too. U will know who Floyd was. Nobodies perfect but Floyd was loved by everybody when he’s friends wasn’t. Just the facts u gotta be from HTown to know what I’m saying. Rest Easy Twin we riding for ya.

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George Floyd was arrested for forgery last night in Minneapolis. During the arrest process, he was cuffed and restrained with a knee to his neck from officers for more than seven minutes. Paramedics came and found his lifeless body under the police officer. Bystanders took video of the officer's use of force and it spread on social media. 

The FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are investigating the death and what role the Minneapolis Police officers played in it. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced that the four officers who responded to the call had been terminated.