Is Coronavirus impacting your dating life? Our own “Dr. Love” weighs in.

kissing in masks

The World Health Organization, the US Department of Health and Human Services, and even Billie Eilish are urging us to practice “social distancing” to prevent the spread of COVID19, otherwise known as the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Well, it’s really hard to practice social distancing without it impacting your love life.

Am I suggesting you ignore the advice of our medical overlords? Absolutely not. That is way too much liability on my shoulders.  But dating life is undoubtedly impacted.

You swipe right, you match, you talk through the app, then via text, and now you want to meet. But, the governor just shut that her favorite restaurant down, and his favorite bar. Do you meet at each other’s place? Oh, that’s right, you need to keep a distance. Erg!

Let me share with you tips and strategies you can employ to make sure you still keep some fire going in your life and keep their attention while maintaining a safe distance.


Technology can be your wingman

We live in the modern age of dating. While many debate about whether technology has helped or harmed modern dating, certainly in times like these, technology can come to our aid.

Netflix and Chill Facetime.

Well, the dinner-and-a-movie idea is out. But there may be a next best thing: Bitesquad and Netflix. Order each other food, and gear up your favorite flick. Why not spend the time watching a Netflix movie together, and connect through facetime while you do it? You can still share the laughs, or comfort each other when they jump when the killer jumps out! Plus you are still connected and making memories. It’s a traditional date, just different.

Share your Spotify

Make playlists for your special person, a few songs each day, that show who you are. Let them listen to what moves you, really get a peek into who you are. Not only is that a modern-day version of listening to your favorite records together, but also music is a great distraction during the COVID19 panic and anxiety. Let your beau associate you with pleasure.

Show your Guilty Pleasures

Okay, you showed your sensitive side, now let’s show the dirt. It can be hard to get to know each other without getting to spend time together, and “getting to know you” conversations on the phone only go so far. Consider sending links back and forth to your guilty pleasures. What’s that youtube clip that no one would guess you watch on repeat? What meme makes you LOL everytime you see it? What trash reality show has got you hooked?

Take a walk-e-talkie
While you may not be able to walk hand-in-hand in the park, but you can still walk together…just at a distance. It gets you outside, it gets you talking and feeling each other out, and it’s always fun to check ‘em out. Bring your cellphone and talk to each other while you walk so you don’t have to holler and keep saying “What?”. That’s annoying.

Sometimes, the old ways of doing things are best

Our ancestors were masters at making a good impression and building a romance at a distance. Let’s look into the history books and uncover some tried-and-true courting strategies.

The lost art of letter writing

Writing a letter was a big deal, especially back in the day when ink, paper, and postage were expensive. And great attention was paid to the words one used to both impress and seduce their mate. Writing a love letter takes more effort than sending a text, and has a much bigger impact. People keep love letters for years. So, brush up your skills, and visit your favorite thesaurus website, and write something that they would want to show their grandkids.

Show off the goods

For many years, showing up to a date with a gift was a physical symbol of romantic interest. Since you are probably quarantined in the house, consider making something from hand

The first dating spot: The Porch

In the 19th Century, it was considered common practice in America for a suitor to come to your house and talk to you from the porch. It was considered safer and more polite than meeting in public for the first time and was a formal way to show interest. Arrange your next date to be on the porch with one person inside, and the other outside. Leave a drink on the porch before they arrive, and build your bond the old-fashioned way.

We all need a little love to get through some dark days ahead. When you have someone you are interested in romantically, it’s even more important to work against what COVID-19 is trying to take away from our daily lives. Good luck in love, and remember to name your firstborn Dr. Love.


Dr. Kyle Zrenchik, or as we call him around here “Dr. Love”, is a sex and relationship therapist at ALL IN Therapy Clinic in Minnetonka, MN. He joins Hey, It’s Cory Hepola Thursday's at 10:30 am on News Talk 830 WCCO. For more information go to