Minneapolis Mayor on Israel's ban of Rep. Ilhan Omar: 'As a Jewish man, I totally disagree with the decision'


Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said he disagrees with Israel's decision to ban Rep. Ilhan Omar from traveling to the country. 

Omar, whose district covers the City of Minneapolis, attended Thursday's Minneapolis City Council meeting, in which Frey presented his city budget proposal. Omar avoided speaking to the press but Frey told News Talk 830 WCCO John Hines  that said he chatted with her briefly about Israel's decision. 

"As a Jewish man, I totally disagree with the decision by the Israeli government. I mean, they should be making sure to welcome people in, to give them a rundown of all a lot of the extraordinary things that are happening right now in the state," Frey told Hines, who was filling in for Dave Lee in the Morning Show. "And you know, if there's disagreements, there's disagreements and you go from there. But I don't think it's the right decision to shut people down."

Frey's comment that Isreal should let Omar and Tlaib in to show them the "extrodinary things" happening in the country echoed the opinions of News Talk 830 WCCO Host Jordana Green, who addressed the issue on her show Thursday, saying "I think they would have seen a thriving, open society in which all religions and ethic groups mingle freely and live unobscured lives of freedom and betterment, and I'm sorry they won't get to see that." (See above video). 

Omar had been scheduled to travel to Israel and visit the occupied Palestine territories with  Rep. Rashida Tlaib. Israel has since said it would consider letting Tlaib, who is of Palestinian decent, list her grandmother in the West Bank, but Tlaib rejected the offer.  

Read my full statement on my heart wrenching decision to not travel to Palestine or Israel here: https://t.co/tlf054f7bU. pic.twitter.com/6TpZaU9RB8

— Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (@RepRashida) August 16, 2019

Israel has come under constant criticism for human rights violations in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, including unlawful killings and abusive detentions, while terrorist organizations in the occupied terrorists have carried out lethal attacks on Israel civilians, including launching hundreds of rockets into Israel in recent years. 

Frey also spoke about the city buget in the interview.

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