This Republican congressman has some surprisingly nice things to say about Amy Klobuchar's possible presidential run

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Photo credit © Sipa USA

If Senator Amy Klobuchar does indeed announce a run for presidential in 2020 at her event this Sunday, she’ll have at  least one Republican wishing her well.

“Of all the people on the Democrat side… do not underestimate Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota,” Congressman Tom Emmer told Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News on Wednesday. 

Emmer continued.

“She is Minnesota's Mrs. Nice, right? She knows what she's doing. And people who underestimate her do so at their peril because she'll she'll surprise you.”

Emmer said that while he and Klobuchar come from different political perspectives, he still appreciates what she does for the state.

“Regardless of our differences when it comes to policy... I'm sure she'll represent Minnesota well,” he said.

In an appearance on MSNBC Tuesday night, Klobuchar teased that she will make a "big announcement" Sunday at at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis.

"Come to Boom Island in Minneapolis," she told host Rachel Maddow, "as in Boom Island 'drop the mic,' and then you'll find out. It's going to be a little cold, 20 degrees. Wear warm clothes. Maybe have little heat warmers with you. But then you'll find out my decision."