Hennepin County Attorney dismissed from George Floyd case

Mike Freeman removed from George Floyd case
Photo credit Getty Images

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has been dismissed from the case of the four former Minneapolis Police Officers involved in the death of George Floyd.  

Television reporters covering a wide-rangin motion hearing say Judge Peter Cahill  called it "sloppy" when state prosecutors included county prosecutors in an interview of the medical examiner who conducted an autopsy of George Floyd.  

Hennepin Copunty Attorney Mike Freeman has been disqualified from participating in #GeorgeFloyd case and so are 3 of his attorneys - at issue is their meeting 2 days after #GeorgeFloyd death with Dr. Baker who performed autopsy

— esme murphy (@esmemurphy) September 11, 2020

Cahill says Freeman and other county prosecutors will now be witnesses if the Attorney General's Office wants to call them during trial.  Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison took over prosecution of the four former officers from Freeman.