MN Senator: "We are scaring people to death."

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Minnesota Senator Scott Jensen thinks we are literally scaring people to death. 

The Chaska Republican, who is also a family physician, posted a video to Facebook today questioning the drastic measures that have been taken to curb the spread of coronavirus. 

Jensen says the sole focus of health care now seems to be on the virus when many other major issues are getting ignored or passed over.

"How many patients do we have with multiple sclerosis that need their infusion every week or every month?  Those suffering from chronic illness, the ones who will never show up on a statistic.  The poor, the lonely.  These people will die, and they won't be counted."

Jensen, who is not seeking reelection to the Minnesota Senate, says there needs to be a more focused response to the pandemic than such broad measures that he equates to throwing mud against the wall. 

Listen to the full conversation here: