Third day of protests see St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis and suburbs involved

Downtown MPLS protest
Photo credit Entercom/Sloane Martin
As the protests over the death of George Floyd entered its third day, it extended into St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs well into the night.

Arbys. We had the meats.

— ZΛY ⓥ (@Sekou_SZN) May 29, 2020

The day started looking at the destruction done in the Lake Street area of Minneapolis after 16 fires were started and business all the way to uptown were looted. 

Morning after the protests and riots in Minneapolis of the police killing George Floyd. It’s eerie

— Max Nesterak (@maxnesterak) May 28, 2020

Reporter @MarkFreie takes a look at the damage in uptown this morning.

— News Talk 830 WCCO (@wccoradio) May 28, 2020

Later Thursday morning in St. Paul protesters took over businesses between University and Snelling. Looting and assault on police officers with rocks and other debris. There was a large standoff between protesters and police officers at the Midway Target location. 

At Target on University Avenue in Saint Paul, a standoff.

— Matt McKinney (@_mattmckinney) May 28, 2020

Police asking people to not throw bottles or other projectiles

— Ricardo Lopez (@rljourno) May 28, 2020

— Dave Orrick (@DaveOrrick) May 28, 2020

Later in the afternoon, downtown Minneapolis prepared for the night ahead. A peaceful protest was scheduled for 5 pm at the Hennepin County Government Center Plaza, but the area was preparing for violet protests also. 

Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office deputies line up in front of the Hennepin County Government Center ahead of a protest scheduled for 5.

— Hannah Flood (@hannahfloodfox9) May 28, 2020

Our @SteveSimpsonMN took a walk in downtown Minneapolis where businesses are boarding up windows and doors in preparation for what could be a very bad night in the city.

— News Talk 830 WCCO (@wccoradio) May 28, 2020

There was some promise to start the evening in Minneapolis with the peaceful protest at the Hennepin County Government Center Plaza.

.@LauraWCCO shares video of a march on 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis remaining peaceful.

— News Talk 830 WCCO (@wccoradio) May 28, 2020

Very peaceful protest going on downtown right now. Crowd goes down the hill so you can’t see a lot of it from this pic. Woman was counting us we marched past and told ⁦@ChrissieTVoR⁩ that she was 2941, and I estimate we had 1/4 of the crowd behind us, so 4000?

— John Bonnes (@TwinsGeek) May 28, 2020

But then the situation start to deteriorate in downtown Minneapolis.

Things are escalating in downtown Minneapolis. MPD in riot gear and using tear gas. Some protestors shooting off fireworks extremely close to the ground.#GeorgeFloyd #WCCO

— Marielle Mohs (@MarielleMohs) May 29, 2020

@wwozzydo Max-It spawn, South Minneapolis on Lake. Fully involved, fully collapsed.

— Caleb Spike (@caleb_spike) May 29, 2020

Well THAT was uncalled for.

— Jennifer Brooks (@stribrooks) May 29, 2020

And then Minneapolis Police gave up the third precinct building.

Here’s a look at that fire. Still gathering more info.

— Seth Kaplan (@Seth_Kaplan) May 29, 2020

This week was different. Something broke, perhaps permanently.More Americans died in a shorter time than ever in our lifetimes, leaders shrug, a president’s madness grows, cities burn. So much. #BlackLivesMater #GeorgeFloydprotest

— Robert De Niro ᵖᵃʳᵒᵈʸ (@RobertDeNiroUS) May 29, 2020

Burn it down! Some yell as others smash police windows. Someone yelled Don't throw the milk! #GeorgeFloyd

— Chao Xiong (@ChaoStrib) May 29, 2020

MPD’s 3rd Precinct is on fire. @WCCO

— Nick Streiff (@nickstreiff) May 29, 2020

After that happened, looting became more widespread from downtown Minneapolis to St. Paul.

The crowd somehow got ahold of a couple of U.S. Postal Service vans. They flipped this one onto its roof in the intersection in front of the precinct and set it on fire.

— Nick Woltman (@nickwoltman) May 29, 2020

Downtown Minneapolis ⁦

— Sloane Martin (@SloaneMartin) May 29, 2020

A man is trying to break into Saks off 5th Ave in downtown Minneapolis.Video credit: @ryanscotthoag

— News Talk 830 WCCO (@wccoradio) May 29, 2020

You can see looters got into Burlington at Northtown Mall. No looters around, police guarding entrances

— Erin Hassanzadeh WCCO (@erinreportsTV) May 29, 2020

The Arby’s on Lake Street is toast.

— Nick Woltman (@nickwoltman) May 29, 2020

Current view from Hwy 55 bridge looking down towards 3rd Precinct police hqtrs & Target store on East Lake. Fires seemingly in every direction. #minneapolisriots #GeorgeFloydprotest @FOX9

— Paul Blume (@PaulBlume_FOX9) May 29, 2020