Twins play by play announcer Cory Provus has strong words for Josh Donaldson after his ejection on Thursday


Minnesota Twins radio play by play announcer Cory Provus has strong words for the teams star third-baseman after getting ejected in Thursday's pivotal game against the White Sox. 

Provus joined "Hey, It's Cory Hepola" on Friday to talk about the moment that Donaldson kicked dirt as he crossed home plate and then came back to kick more dirt onto the plate in protest of a strike call the home plate umpire made two pitches prior to his home run.  The Twins, who had taken the lead with Donaldson's home run, were playing what many called a "must-win" game against the AL Central division-leading White Sox. Provus made it clear that the timing of Donaldson's ejection was terrible for the team. 

"if I was just a casual fan and had no rooting interest in either team and I needed a laugh that would have provided that kind of laugh. But I'm not in that role. I'm not saying that's why the Twins lost yesterday. But I will reiterate my point that I think that was one of the most selfish acts I've seen on the baseball field in a lifetime. Because I just think he was upset about the strike zone, I get it, and it won't be the last time he doesn't like the strike zone, not to mention that the same crew that was umpiring that series is also going to umpire the series this weekend at Wrigley Field. But I think they lessened their chances of winning that game by Josh's selfish acts after homering yesterday and I stand by what I said."

Provus went on to tell Hepola that he hasn't heard from the Twins front office about what he said and that he doesn't expect to. 

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