Top Infectious Disease Specialist Osterholm: 'We are never getting back to normal.'


University of Minnesota's Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy Dr. Michael Osterholm joined The Chad Hartman Show and had some strong words about people who think life will ever get back to normal.

"We are never getting back to normal. We have to accept that there's a new normal."

That is what Dr, Osterholm said after President Trump called him to run his three-phase plan to reopen the American economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. Osterholm says that he fears too many people think we are in the backend of the pandemic and that countries like China and Europe have rushed back and seen a second spike of infections. He thinks this could be up to a 20-month issue.

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"We have to start with the understanding that we are just in the second-inning of this nine-inning baseball game."

Dr. Osterholm says that he is seeing the virus take on a political life of its own. He says that It's important to realize who the fight is against.

"I would try really hard to help us all understand that this is us versus the virus," Osterholm said. "I'm beginning to see that partisan divide, people who have surely been impacted negatively by these fibers from an economic standpoint who are basically suggesting that somehow this has been mishandled or bungled."

"60 days ago, this virus infection was not even among the top 75 causes of death in the United States," said Osterholm. "For the last week and a half, it's been the number one cause of death day after day after day. That's serious. This is not just the flu. This is not just another kind of infectious disease that some of the TV talking heads would have you believe.