Woman Jumps Into Gator Pit At Safari North Zoo With Son To Retrieve Wallet

woman jumps into alligator pit
Photo credit Getty Images

(WCCO) A video obtained by TMZ shows a woman jumping into the alligator pit at Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minn., after dropping her wallet into the enclosure.

And she brings her small son with her.

Video shows the woman's wallet floating Saturday in the middle of a pond rife with gators while the boy tries hard to fetch his mother's wallet. SEE THE VIDEO HERE.

When he failed, the mother attempted a risky maneuver, distracting the deadly gators long enough to lean into the pond and grab her wallet. 

Was her -- really worth what those gators could of done to her and her son? From the looks of it -- yes. Woman Enters Alligator Pit with Son to Get Wallet, Insane Video https://t.co/9fRxcG2Q2A

— Brandon Key (@Bkey313) July 20, 2020

Safari North Wildlife Park bills itself as a place for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, though TMZ reports they were not amused by this incident. Per TMZ, the zoo is considering pressing charges against the woman in the video. 

"Our goal is to provide positive experiences that last a lifetime with every visit no matter how old you are," the park's website says. "Come see why generations of families remember us when they visit Brainerd, MN and make a few lasting memories of your own.

"We offer an up close and personal experience where each year our guests marvel at wild wonders as they play, laugh, and learn."

In this case, no one was injured in the gator enclosure.