'Old Met' film details transformation of Metropolitan Stadium into Mall of America

A film scheduled to run Saturday at the Twin Cities Film Fest details the rise and fall of Metropolitan Stadium, and the transformation of the Bloomington landscape that is now home to the Mall of America.

Mankato-native and documentary filmmaker John Haley directed the film entitled 'Old Met' and was inspired by countless trips to the Mall of America with his family.

"Like hundreds of kids in Minnesota, I grew up going to Mall of America, and my parents probably didn't love every time in the theme park and us running around," Haley said. "But, it was kind of this legendary place."

Haley said once he learned that Metropolitan Stadium used to sit on the exact site of the Mall of America, he developed an interest in process or remaking space.

"Building this individual plot of land where people come to envision this grand baseball stadium and it lives that way as kind of this monument to the systems, entertainment forms, industries, that surround it," added Haley.

The archival film runs seven minutes and features a number of captivating shots of Met Stadium, which was home to a number of Minnesota sports franchises including the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings, at its highest and lowest points of existence.

It then follows the transition into the Mall of American, which opened in 1992.

"It gets lost and it becomes rundown, but only for so long until it becomes a new kind of temple or a new, huge monument is envisioned," Haley said. "That's what we got with the Mall of America and there's an interesting flow to those processes."

Old Met runs Saturday afternoon and is part of a nine film compilation entitled SHORT DOCUMENTARIES - HONORING THE PAST, CHERISHING THE PRESENT, PREPARING FOR THE FURTURE.

The compilation is also available to stream for free.