Dinkytown apartment complex misses deadline, delays student move-in date

Building under construction.
Building under construction. Photo credit Getty Images

University of Minnesota students leasing from a Dinkytown luxury apartment are trying to get out of their leases as construction delays have left them without housing as the school year begins.

The Identity Dinkytown apartment complex gave tenants an original move-in date of Aug. 31 but has since announced that they are not able to accommodate that date.

At a Minnesota Senate hearing about the issue, student tenant Wajid Suliman said these delays have greatly affected her junior year and her ability to focus on her education for the semester.

"I knew when I signed this lease that it was going to be extremely expensive, but I wanted to live with my best friends, in a new building, with the [accommodations] that they promised. I diligently worked this entire summer to save up so I could live here."

Landlords reportedly offered tenants gift cards or a hotel stay near the University as compensation until the apartment complex is ready. However, they have denied students a way out of their leases.

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