Evictions on the rise in Hennepin County

Eviction paper taped to a door.
Eviction paper taped to a door. Photo credit Getty Images

The number of evictions in Hennepin County is on the rise, recently surpassing pre-pandemic numbers, thanks to the elimination of certain protections for renters.

County official Heidi Boyd says there has been an overall increase in the number of eviction cases since the rental moratorium ended.

From 2021 & 2022, the number of eviction filings in the county rose 411%.

However, Boyd says recent legislation gives hope to those who may have been evicted during that time.

“Legislature made some pretty significant rental protection changes that will go into effect in 2024, and one of them is more acceptable to expungement for eviction,” Boyd said.

For more information about MN renter's rights, visit the attorney general’s website.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images