From an expert, keys to finding love this Valentine's Day

Valentine. Photo credit Getty Images

Falling in love shouldn't be hard, even though sometimes it is. But what do the experts on love and matchmaking recommend for those trying to find a partner this Valentine's Day?

Matchmaking superstar Erica Suzanne joined News Talk 830 WCCO's Vineeta Sawkar to discuss love, saying that dating depends on the individual. There is no set outline.

"You have to assess where you're at right now as far as dating," Suzanne said. "Are you lonely and depressed and just want a partner? Or are you living your best life and want the cherry on top? I think that's the key question to ask first."

When it comes to dating, Suzzane shared that "you need to be living your best life" in order to find love successfully. As for how to get to that point in your life, Suzzane has a couple of tips.

"Get into a groove," she said. "Be healthy, go to the gym, do all the good things. Then clarify what you want to have in your life. Don't be a specific checklist of tall, dark and handsome or blonde or brunette, or whatever. Just go with the feels."

Suzzane says you have to clarify what you are looking for, but you also need to present yourself in "the best light," just like you are applying for a job.

"Putting your best foot forward anytime you are meeting someone is important," Suzzane said while recognizing that not everyone needs to dress themselves up at all times.

Suzzane said that couples will get more comfortable as time goes on, but it's crucial for yourself to put in the effort in those first interactions.

"No matter what you wear, just be very presentable, and I think it just does something to yourself to have that put-together feeling of confidence," Suzzane said.

But, according to the matchmaker, the biggest key to finding a partner and dating is having fun with it.

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