Health experts work to reassure the vaccine-hesitant

Experts repeat it was manufacturing that was sped up, not development process

The vaccine distribution is limited due to short supply, but while many folks are eager to get inoculated and move on with the pandemic, others are hesitant.

The Minnesota Department of Health says some medical workers or folks in other 1a categories may not feel an immediate need, or want more vulnerable people to go ahead, but there are others that fear it.

Dr. Gregory Poland at Mayo Clinic on the Paul and Jordana Show on WCCO said the vaccine, along with masks and keeping distance is what’s going to get us out of this.

Health experts have repeatedly emphasized that it was the manufacturing that was sped up, not the development process.

“If I told you I have a vaccine that would prevent heart disease or would prevent or prevent cancer, would you take it?” Poland said. “I’ve never had anybody say ‘No I wouldn’t take it.’ Well, do you realize the No. 1 cause of death in the United States is COVID. It’s not heart disease, it’s not cancer. It’s COVID.”

Dr. Poland also debunked misinformation and conspiracy theories sometimes seen on Facebook. He said an RNA vaccine, like those available for coronavirus, cannot get into a cell nucleus and cannot get to DNA or chromosomes, as some misinformation has stated.

Dr. Poland added that mild side effects are expected and are signs of a solid immune response.