Jordana Green announces she’s battling Leukemia

WCCO’s Afternoon Drive host is being treated at Mayo Clinic
Get Well Soon Jordana

Tuesday on News Talk 830 WCCO’s Paul and Jordana show, co-host Jordana Green made a phone call to the show from Rochester. It wasn’t good news for those of us who work with and listen to her on WCCO.

Green, who has been with the station since 2012, told Paul Douglas and the ‘CCO audience she has been diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Leukemia is cancer of blood-forming tissues, including bone marrow. Green told listeners that doctors found the cancer last week, and immediately decided she should get treatment that includes multiple rounds of chemo and a possible bone marrow transplant in the spring.

Green said, “I’ve been feeling crappy for a few months, very fatigued. About 2 weeks ago I noticed some large bruising on my legs but didn't remember bumping myself. Last Tuesday, I went for some bloodwork. Tuesday night my doctor called and said I need to go to the ER as my platelets were low. Normal platelets are 150,000+. Mine were 19,000. They admitted me, did a bone marrow biopsy and 12 hours later told me I had leukemia.”

Jordana said she will try to check-in on the show from her hospital room when she’s “feeling up to it”, for the next several weeks she’ll be off the air while she is receiving chemo treatments.

Jordana has a Caring Bridge site where she’s keeping people posted. You can visit that here.

You can also leave Jordana a message of well wishes below.