Owl goes missing at the Minnesota Zoo

Eurasian Eagle Owl.
Eurasian Eagle Owl. Photo credit GettyImages

Be on the lookout for who? Exactly.

An owl from the Minnesota Zoo has gone missing after zookeepers were doing a routine training session earlier this month.

The Eurasian eagle-owl is named Gladys, and during the training session, Gladys flew off to a tree and did not return.

While Gladys is most likely exploring the different animals in the 485-acre forested zoo, much like zoo-goers do, zookeepers are trying to bring him home.

The Minnesota Zoo announced Gladys was missing via Twitter and shared with zoo neighbors that the owl does not pose a threat to public safety. It would be a different story if Sadie, the NFL game-picking bear, had gotten out.

The Minnesota Zoo is working proactively with local wildlife agencies and authorities to assist in the search. If people see the bird, the zoo has asked that they contact their local police departments so that Gladys can return home.