Restaurant owners filing lawsuit against city of Minneapolis over vaccine mandate

No Vax no entry
Photo credit Getty Images / sinseeho

A group of restaurants in Minneapolis are filing suit against the city over the now implemented vaccine mandate according to News Talk 830 WCCO Political Analyst Blois Olson.

The owners of Smack Shack, The Gay 90's, Sneaky Pete's, Wild Greg's, Jimmy John's and Bunkers have filed a complaint in Hennepin County District Court seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the City of Minneapolis mandate requiring proof of vaccination or negative COVID test to enter restaurants and bars. According to the lawsuit, the owners believe that this will irrevocably hurt their business in Minneapolis.

 “For clarity, Plaintiffs are not denying the existence or seriousness of the COVID-19 virus, infection rates, or the dangers from the virus. Plaintiffs also are not denying the efficacy of vaccinations, the beneficial public nature of a vaccinated populace, or the public interest in encouraging vaccinations. Rather, Plaintiffs are denying the Mayor’s authority to use the city’s bars and restaurants as a billy club by which to attempt to prod the populace toward vaccination, and the emergency nature of his authority to do so.”

In the complaint, the group of restaurant and bar owners say that Mayor Jacob Frey's use of emergency powers has become a pawn in trying to get residents vaccinated and that is hurting their businesses. The establishments anticipate having to hire more staff and will turn potential customers away from their businesses.

“Plaintiffs anticipate not only having to hire the additional staff, but the staff having difficulty determining valid vaccination cards, forgeries, appropriate tests, language barriers, and tie periods, not to mention having to deal with members of the public that are combative or argumentative regarding whether they can enter the establishment or the validity of the documents or information they are presenting for entry. Further, plaintiffs anticipate that customers of their establishments, including past and prospective, Minneapolis citizens and non-citizens, are likely to choose to go to restaurants and bars in surrounding cities that have no such requirements.”

The group is looking for the court to place a permanent injunction against enforcement of the vaccine mandate in the city.