Taylor says he'll work well with Lore, A-Rod in running Wolves and Lynx

Deal for sale and gradual takeover by new owners reached quick

Timberwolves and Lynx owner Glen Taylor said he didn't expect to sell the basketball franchises during the pandemic, thinking that it might take another year to complete a transaction.

"It was not the best year to be selling a team, in the sense than we didn't have our fans there, a lot of things going on that held people back," Taylor told WCCO's Mike Max.

He did have preliminary talks with several groups in the past year.

"They were kind of, like, well, let's go really slow and see what's going to happen this year."

Taylor then found out through the commissioner's office that Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez had some interest.

"I called them up, and within a week's time, they went to saying they were interested, to come up and meet our people, to come to our home and visit, to signing an agreement," he said.

"It happened way faster than I anticipated at the end."

It was similar to 1994, when Taylor rescued the Timberwolves by agreeing to buy the team from Harvey Ratner and Marv Wolfenstein after their original plan to sell to a New Orleans-based group was rejected by the NBA.

"We talked about that," Taylor noted, with a chuckle. "It took me about a week."

The agreement has Taylor staying with the franchises for the next two years, running things with help from the new owners.

"I like them very much," he said. "I like how they think about treating people, I like that they're very competitive, I think that will help us. I anticipate them helping me in making the decisions on the team."

And learning how to run a franchise, even though the marquee name of the new leadership spent his athletic career in baseball.

"I talked to (Rodriguez) about the kind of coaches he had, the kind of support that they have in baseball," Taylor said. "I think all those experiences that he's had will be able to relate to basketball."