This Bryant Lake Bowl drone video is spectacular

Photo credit Getty Images

A drone video capturing the interior of Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis is creating plenty of buzz online this week.

The video, captured by Jay Christensen at Jaybyrdfilms and Rally Studios, is 1 minute and 27 seconds long and sends viewers racing through the Minneapolis hotspot as people bowl, gather around the bar, and also gives a behind-the-scenes look of the bowling alley.

Christensen said filming took place Tuesday, March 2.

"Beforehand, I was like, 'This is a bold shot' because it's a whole minute and a half of maneuvers," Christensen said. "I've done a lot of similar films so I knew it wouldn't be impossible. I just set the bar a little higher."

Initially, the film was meant to be a free promotional video for Bryant-Lake Bowl. Christensen said it was a way to help a business that's been hurt by COVID-19 and faced uncertainty during the unrest that followed George Floyd's death last May.

"There's so many people talking about their old memories at Bryant Lake Bowl and it really, with that one take, flying through the whole interior, people are really feeling like they're there. It brought back a lot of memories for people around the Twin Cities," said Christenson.

Filming didn't come without some second guessing, according to Christensen.

"I was asking if it was even worth having all the tougher moves in there," he added. "Luckily, we ended up getting it after a few takes. It definitely wasn't on the first try, but we adjusted the timing and ended up getting what we needed."

Christensen said that he was able to focus on piloting the drone thanks to the directing of Anthony Jaska, co-founder of Rally Studios.

"He was helping me direct it so I could focus on operating the drone," Christensen said. "The map of the shot or the route of my shot was the main focus. He directed if we needed to change someone's timing or have them move. He was able to make that so it took a lot of load off my plate and it wasn't as stressful."

The film has grabbed the attention of some of Hollywood's biggest filmmakers.

James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy, retweeted the video and even inquired about the filmmakers' services as he prepares to film Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

"That would be pretty cool," Christensen said. "I've been getting inquiries all across the table. There's a lot of cool ones. That's definitely on the table. If he needs a drone operator, I'm there for him."