You can find a car to buy right now, but UAW strike could affect that in coming weeks

UAW strike
Car dealers aren't yet affected by the UAW strike Photo credit Getty Images

The United Auto Workers' strike, which began Friday, has not affected car dealerships just yet.

But the president of the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association said that could change.

"Remember, they're only striking three plants at the moment," Scott Lambert told WCCO's Vineeta Sawkar on the Morning News. "So there is still some factory production going on with vehicles."

If the strike drags on, chances increase of adverse affects.

"It's just going to be difficult as things progress," said Lambert.

For now, things are fine.

"The dealers have been stocking up as best as they can getting ready for the strike," he said. "Everybody saw this coming."

Lambert said by stocking up, just about all car dealers have inventory on the ground that would last about a month.

That's pretty much the industry standard since the end of the pandemic.

"We're just trying to satisfy customers, that's our job," said Lambert. "We're trying to stay neutral on this."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images