Autistic boy put on life support after he was allegedly taped to chair, forced to chug vodka, and ‘beaten’

Life support machine.
Life support machine. Photo credit Getty Images

Police in Georgia have launched an investigation following reports that an autistic teen in the state, who is currently on life support, was allegedly forced to drink vodka and take mushrooms as part of an alleged hazing incident.

According to the Glynn County Police Department, the victim, 19-year-old Trent Lehrkamp, was left unconscious and tied to a chair when the group of teens urinated on him and spray-painted him before dropping him off at the hospital.

Police were called to the Southeast Georgia Health Center ER after Lehrkamp arrived at around 10:40 p.m. on March 21.

Lehrkamp was “treated for a high level of intoxication from a mixture of controlled substances and alcohol,” according to the department’s press release.

A family member of Lehrkamp shared with 11Alive that after five days on life support, he has since been taken off the ventilator and was able to talk on March 26. However, the family shared he is still battling fevers and a lung infection.

The release also says that it was three minors who left him at the hospital, and all three registered their names with the emergency room.

A post on Facebook from the Glynn County Citizens on Patrol shows an alleged photo of the group of boys and Lehrkamp after he fell unconscious, as well as a photo of Lehrkamp on a ventilator.

The post alleges that the boys in the photos bound Lehrkamp, “spray-painted him from head to toe, pissed on him,” defecated on his lap, and more before dropping him off at the ER.

The photos depicting what happened to Lehrkamp were shared on social media but have since been taken down and deleted.

Glynn Academy High School officials have shared that the teens in the photo are current students at the school. Posts on Facebook have also indicated that Lehrkamp may be on the autism spectrum.

11Alive spoke with Michael Sullins, a friend of Lehrkamp, who said that he was bullied and beaten by the teens.

“They poured acid (in his) throat, peed on him. They forced a whole handle of Tito's (vodka) down him. When he got to the hospital he had a blood intoxication level of 0.464,” Sullins told the outlet.

Katie Baasen, Glynn County Police Department public information officer, spoke with Fox News, confirming that Lehrkamp was the boy seen in the photos and videos posted on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Police shared in their release that they were able to interview Lehrkamp on Sunday at the hospital. They have also executed search warrants at the residence where the incident occurred and questioned numerous teens believed to be involved.

The investigation remains ongoing, and police shared that no arrests have been made at this time.

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