These Edible Whiskey Capsules Are Being Compared to Tide Pods


You can now enjoy a shot of whiskey in a capsule that resembles detergent pods.

Renowned liquor brand The Glenlivet has launched a new Capsule Collection of three flavors of their Founder’s Reserve whisky that comes in biodegradable capsules made of seaweed, according to USA Today.

“No ice. No stirrer. No glass. We're redefining how whisky can be enjoyed,” the company captioned a clip describing their new concoction on Twitter.

“To enjoy them, pop the capsule your mouth and take a bite to release the delicious cocktail ingredients,” the video details.

While it’s unclear how much alcohol is in the pouch, each capsule is filled with 23ml of whiskey and available in citrus, wood or spice flavors.

Following the announcement of their new cocktail technology, many drew comparisons to Tide-Pods and the controversial viral challenge that had teenagers sharing videos ingesting the toxic laundry product last year.

To ward off any backlash, The Glenlivet issued a statement to assure consumers the Capsule Collection is not intended for minors.

"The Glenlivet only promotes responsible drinking, and the capsules are designed to be enjoyed in moderation by adults in a regulated and licensed environment," the statement said. "The cocktail capsules are not for sale and there are no plans to make them available in the United States or any other market at this time."

The company further elaborated that the capsules will only be available at London’s Tayer & Elementary bar as part of London Cocktail Week, which runs until October 13th.

So, if you want to throw back a premium cocktail wrapped in a sustainable casing, you have until Sunday to get to London. Bottoms up!

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