90-Year-Old Man Comes Out as Gay While Searching for Long-Lost Love

Kenneth Felts found a new sense of freedom amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While quarantined alone at home in Colorado, the 90-year-old grandfather decided to write his memoir and wound up coming out as gay while searching for the man he dated in the 1950s.

“I had been keeping this secret most of my life, and I had planned to take it to the grave,” Felts told “Today.

The Navy veteran knew he was gay since the age of 12, but kept it hidden due to his religious background and the less accepting attitudes of the time.

“If you came out, it really would cost you — your family, your job, all of your relationships,” Felts disclosed. “You would immediately be called a pervert.”

It was during his time in the Navy that Felts met Phillip, the man who he fell in love with for two years of his life.

“It was a void in my life that had suddenly been filled by another person who, apparently, had some of the same needs," he told the outlet. "And we just melted into each other.”

Unable to come to terms with his true self, Felts ended the relationship. He wound up marrying a woman, having a daughter, and eventually divorced.

While his daughter Rebecca came out as a lesbian to him in 1995, Felts remained closeted for 25 more years.

But as he reminisced about his life while writing his memoir, his romance with Phillip was something he could no longer deny publicly.

“One day I was talking to Rebecca and I just happened to mention, ‘I wish I had never left Philip,’”