PRIDE ICON: Billy Porter Says That Homophobia in the Music Industry in the 90s Almost Killed Him

Now Porter's new bop 'Finally Ready' is all about PRIDE

Famed Broadway actor, Pose star, and activist Billy Porter opened up about paving the way for gay men in the music industry, during his interview with AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon on CHANNEL Q’s The Morning Beat.

As a Black, queer, entertainer with such a powerful voice Porter explains, “it almost killed me. The homophobia in the music business in the 90s almost took me out of here.”

Having just released his disco-inspired single “Finally Ready” with the Shapeshifters, the Kinky Boots star speaks to how the business has changed from when he first began his career. “My voice became my savior and it became my weapon, and the first time it didn’t work for me was in the music business. It was the first time nobody cared about my talent, and they only cared about who I was sleeping with on my own private time,” explains Billy.

Now almost twenty years into his career, “Finally Ready” is a piece of music where Billy actually declares his pride. Porter co-wrote the new uplifting dance track in collaboration with the Shapeshifters. In his statement about the new single Billy shares that the song “is a declaration of Pride, of breaking free from past traumas to take a chance on love,” he continues, “I’m also ‘finally ready’ to be who I am, who I’ve always been. It has been a rough road, I’ve been through so many changes, but I always kept the faith and now I’m here…And lastly…it should come as no surprise to anyone at all that disco is in my blood! I love to feel sparkly and have that light shine back into the audience. So, yes, I am ‘finally ready’ to make a classic disco record.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images