RAYE on queer community support and making music for the right reasons

'I’m really grateful I’m even in this position now, where I’m in control of my career'

RAYE recently stopped by Audacy Channel Q studios to chat with Jordin Silver all about her new debut album My 21st Century Blues, her loving connection to the queer community, and a whole lot more.


“There was a real gravity towards my music from the queer community from early. And to be honest, throughout my entire career, through the ups and the downs, the one thing thats maintained stable, and where I’ve felt just so much love and so seen, is the queer community. My first American shows were all Pride shows… it’s my safe space, I just feel so safe in a queer crowd.”

And just like they’re there for her, she’s there for them, sometimes even waiting with a ticket outside to make sure everyone who wants to get in, can. “I just care so much about anyone who believes in me and believes in my music,” she noted, “so I get very protective.”

Despite RAYE recently releasing her debut album, she’s been in the music game for a minute. Discussing how she feels now in her space as an artist, RAYE explained, "I'm definitely in my element."

“I think first of all just to be an artist with an album is a really great feeling and that’s been my goal. I want to release bodies of work, and I want to level up each time, and I want to tell stories honestly not governed by the wrong things. Meaning I don’t want to create for the purpose to like make money, or make big music to sell a lot. That’s never been what governs me. I’m just obsessed with music, all things music, so I’m really grateful I’m even in this position now, where I’m in control of my career.”

Always one to want to fix and tweak a track, when it was time to hand in her final cut of the album, RAYE admitted it actually “felt great” to “let it go.” And those feelings were validated once the public got to hear it. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and beautiful.” A real testament to the hard work she put in. “It’s just believing in yourself and not letting unnecessary people talk you out of your self belief,” RAYE asserted.

Watch more from the interview with RAYE and Jordin above.

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