Tuesday's Mashup: Jarrett Stidham in running for MVP?

Good morning, or Good whatevertimeyoureadthis! Happy Tuesday! Let's knock it outta the park today, eh?

Tattoo this moment on our face. pic.twitter.com/MzWfmtBSiz

— Red Sox (@RedSox) May 31, 2020

Here are a couple of handy news items, notes of interest and nuggets of knowledge for your June 2 as we continue to make every effort to stay safe, be healthy and better understand each other.


Game 1, 2007 World Series: Rockies @ Red Sox - NESN, 8 p.m.

Been a while since we watched this one, too. BYO hot dogs and beer.


Everyone under the sun is picking the Bills to win the AFC East. Jim Kelly said they will. Vegas believes it. And while they look good on paper after nipping at the Pats heels the past couple years, things seem more even under center. At least that's what the latest odds are...

Who is the best value for MVP at these odds? pic.twitter.com/ejUlOgEqW5

— Moo (@PFF_Moo) June 1, 2020

You read that correctly; Jarrett Stidham has the same odds for NFL MVP as Bills starter Josh Allen. Allen, who is as accurate as your local weatherman, may hve the better overall roster behind him. But Stidham, aka Stid the Kid, aka Stiddy, aka Studham, has a retooled Pats roster and a re-energized Pats coaching staff with a hell of a track record. Which must be the reason behind this gambling draw. Stidham already had his work cut out for him being The Man who replaces The GOAT. But now he's got some lofty odds to live up to. You know who our money's on for MVP? Yup, it's Mahomes. But go Pats!

Speaking of Stidham 2020...who do you think between his two new shiny TE targets will emerge as his favorite? I want to say Keene, with the name and the 'stache, but the smart money is on Asiasi.

Devin Asiasi vs Dalton KeeneWho is TE1?https://t.co/J6l4mOO6Nm pic.twitter.com/kQNBfPCdD4

— PFF NE Patriots (@PFF_Patriots) June 1, 2020


For those curious as to what the Patriots and Bill Belichick's response to and handling of the crisis and protests in America might be this season, a look to the ever stoic coach's reaction to the kneeling that divided many fans at the start of the 2017 season for reference.

Here is what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had to say about player protests back in September 2017, when members of his team decided to follow Colin Kaepernick's example and take a knee during the National Anthem. pic.twitter.com/j6gfp0SlMQ

— Bernd Buchmasser (@BerndBuchmasser) June 1, 2020


Shout out and salute to the Washington Nationals, already defending World Series champions, for reversing the current trend and agreeing to pay their minor league baseball players' salaries. It's a great move by a great organization, and a great look at a time baseball has been under fire for dragging their feet in return. Also, props to David Price and Shin-Shoo Choo for paying their respective teams salaries for a month. As far as leadership and generosity go that's going deep.


Mike Trout might want to hurry up and get back to work. Not just because the people need baseball. But to reclaim his title of longest drive at a Top Golf this year.

This ball still ain't landed -- --(IG/Jen_bark) pic.twitter.com/B3tanRSasg

— Whistle (@WhistleSports) June 1, 2020


Our thirst will never be quenched for content of any kind that shows this kind of generosity of spirit and humanity. A gentle reminder: sometimes it takes so very little to do a whole lot for each other.

This was how the peaceful protest in East Liberty concluded with one of the organizers giving the state police water that was donated to protesters. #pittsburgh #target pic.twitter.com/5GGgSu0vfZ

— Derek (@Beyond_barbells) June 1, 2020


Did you know that ninety-five years ago today the immortal Lou Gehrig began his 2,130 consecutive games streak. Then ten years later the one and only Bambino, George Hermann "Babe" Ruth, retired from the game he owned. Then seven years after that, arguably the best pure hitter the game has ever seen, Ted Williams, enlisted as a Naval aviator. Helluva day in history for fans of America's pastime.