Michael Bennett discusses first impressions of Patriots, how much he loved watching past stars


FOXBORO -- Michael Bennett, one of the newest members of the Patriots defense, addressed the media for the first time following Tuesday's mandatory minicamp session.

The veteran defensive end touched on a number of different subjects, including revealing how much he looked up to some past members of the Patriots defense.

"I used to love watching Richard Seymour, Ty Warren – just so many great players here," he said. "I just liked watching them. The opportunity to get a chance to play here, follow those guys, it’s just amazing. There’s always been a lot of great d-linemen whether it were Vince [Wilfork]. I’m just happy to be here."

Bennett added: "I just watched those guys. Those guys were really good – whether it was Andre Carter, whether it was Willie McGinest. Just a lot of good defenders out here – Tedy Bruschi, Ty Law. The list just goes on. Growing up, Richard Seymour was one of my favorite players. To think that I get to walk in the locker room where he played in, to think I get to sit in the same place, it’s just an honor for me to even think about that."

Tuesday was his first time on the field with his new team, as he skipped the OTAs earlier this spring.

"Everything is good," he said. "Got great coaches, great players around. Definitely high standards out here. That’s what I’m used to as far as teams. It’s good to be out here and the opportunity to play with so many great players on  defense as far as Hightower and just everybody is just really good."

As for if he tried to convince his brother Martellus to come out of retirement and join the team, he wasn't going there.

"No, I didn’t try to convince him to come play here," he said. "I think the most important thing for a person is to make their own decisions. I think my brother is in a position where he feels comfortable with what he’s achieved in the league and what he’s trying to achieve in life. I think sometimes things are bigger than football. I think everybody has to take that time to get to know themselves and find out what they really like. A lot of times athletes don’t get that opportunity. When you retire, that’s the golden opportunity to spend some time with yourself and spend some time with your wife and your kids."

The Patriots will hold two more mandatory minicamp sessions Wednesday and Thursday.