Trent Brown quickly realized all the 'bullcrap' people said about Patriots wasn't true


FOXBORO -- Trent Brown spent the first three years of his NFL career with the 49ers, so he had heard some of the rumors about what it is like to play in New England and how some people don't think it's fun.

But, after being traded to the team during the NFL draft in April, Brown quickly realized the "bullcrap" was wrong.

“Of course I knew you got a chance to win here,” Brown said Wednesday. “But another thing that popped into my mind was all the bullcrap that people say about this place. I’ve always been a man that forms my own opinions, and when I got here, I quickly found out that it’s nothing like anybody says. It is fun here. I think the guys in the locker room enjoy each other. Everybody in the facility enjoys each other, and we go out there and play for each other every time we touch the field. There’s no selfishness in the locker room. There’s no egos. It’s just one."

Brown has had a very good first season in New England helping to protect Tom Brady's blindside, but also block for the running backs. He had a key role in some of the late game runs against the Chiefs in Sunday's AFC title game.

“I’m always kind of juiced when the ball is coming behind me, but especially on the goal line, because it ain’t a lot of running anybody can do down there,” he said. “It’s man-on-man football. That’s about as football as it gets, and it’s just fun.”

The Patriots' offensive line as a whole may be the biggest key for the team's success this postseason, as the offense has picked up 331 yards on the ground in the two playoff games.

“I feel like I’ve gotten better each week,” Brown said. “I feel like we all have, separately and as a unit, and it’s showed.”

The 25-year-old will be a free agent after the season.