Alex Cora on OMF hints Michael Chavis could see some time in outfield


Michael Chavis has been one of the best stories on the Red Sox this season as he's made an immediate impact since being called up a few weeks ago.

Once the team gets healthy, playing time might become limited, so in order to keep him in the lineup perhaps he could see some time in the outfield.

“He’s a good athlete," manager Alex Cora said on Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Wednesday. "The other day I was telling Tom Goodwin [first base, outfield coach] just to stand him in left field and see the flight of the ball during batting practice. He’s never played the outfield, but just during BP go out there and see it. Obviously, we play half our games in a tough left field with the wall. It’s something you start thinking about. You have to start thinking ahead. As you know, we’re going to get healthy and get some guys [back]. We’re going to have to move some people around. 

“His bat is that good. It is not because of the results. It is because of the at-bats. You see the way he controls the at-bat. … We’ll find ways. We’ll be creative. He is such a good athlete that maybe a few starts in the outfield might be in the future, but as of now he’s playing second base, first base and third and he’s done an outstanding job.”

In 17 games, Chavis is batting .293 with six homers and 13 RBI.