Tom Brady via GHS won't blame referees following loss to Chiefs


Sunday was a frustrating day for the Patriots.

Not only did they lose their second straight game, but they had a number of blatant calls go against them in the 23-16 loss to the Chiefs.

A clear Travis Kelce fumble was blown dead, which prevented Stephon Gilmore from running the ball back towards the end zone and forced the Patriots to use their final challenge to ultimately get the ball. Then, N'Keal Harry appeared to have his second NFL touchdown, but it was ruled he stepped out of bounds at the three-yard line, and since the Patriots were out of challenges it couldn't be reviewed.

Speaking on The Greg Hill Show, Tom Brady didn't make any excuses, or blame the referees for what happened.

“Well, I think when you play sports long enough, sometimes you’re the recipient of things that go your way and then you’re on the other side of it, too," he said. "For me, I don’t think too much about them. I wish they would go our way and unfortunately they didn’t. That doesn’t take away from when you watch the game all the different things we had in our control that I wish we could have done a little bit better.

"We’re just trying to keep grinding them out and tried to put ourselves in a position there at the end with four plays in the red area and just didn’t produce well enough to get the job done. I don’t ever make any excuses and I’d certainly never blame the referees. I just look at what we’ve got to do and how we have to get back to work this week and find a way to go to Cincinnati and get a win.”

New England had a chance to tie the game late, but came up short as a fourth down pass intended for Julian Edelman fell incomplete because of a great play by Bashaud Breeland.

When speaking at the podium after the game, Brady had his right elbow wrapped, but the 42-year-old said it's no big deal.

“It’s all right," Brady said. "I just took a helmet right on the inside of it, so just typical football game. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before. I am going to try and get some extra treatment and hopefully be 100 percent for next week.”

If the Patriots win out (Bengals, Bills, Dolphins) they will win the AFC East and be the No. 2 seed in the AFC.